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Exploring the Trading, Investment & DeFi Opportunities on Waves

Henry Chukwuka
Founder at Quru Lab & Muna
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This article is meant to serve as a navigation for anyone with a good background on crypto trading, investing and DeFi. It will let traders, investors and DeFi fans easily explore money-making opportunities around the Waves ecosystem.

If you are here for the money, this article is for you 😀

All blockchains have one thing in common, they all validate transactions via Nodes on the network. For example, Bitcoin, which is a Proof of Work (POW) blockchain validates transaction through a process called mining which is done by a Bitcoin node.

There are also other consensus mechanisms that are used for validating transactions like Proof-of-Stake (PoS), which has several variations of its own like Leased Proof of Stake (LPOS) on which Waves runs on.

Don’t forget, we are talking about money
Banks charge a fee each time customer A sends money to another customer B, they even charge fees called “Stamp duty” when you receive payment into a bank account in African countries like Nigeria 😂. Customer transactions are validated and saved on the bank central database for future reference and account balancing. Where do the accumulated fees go to? Banks’ pocket 😋

On the blockchain side, user A pays a network fee (0.001 Waves) to send funds/payment to user B, the network is decentralized, transactions are validated and saved to the blockchain by Nodes distributed across the globe. Where do the accumulated fees go to? Nodes on the blockchain network.

In LPOS, coin staking gives Waves holders decision power on the network. By staking coins, you gain the ability to vote/made decisions on the network and generate income.

Opportunities mean money, let us explore ✈️
We have talked enough, let us get into exploring possible ways anyone can start earning on Waves ecosystem;


USDT staking on Waves with up to 50% APY: This is the first interchain Defi product on Waves. Staked USDT is accumulated on the Waves blockchain and then proxied to Defi products of the Ethereum ecosystem. Start earning

image is a new automated market maker (AMM) that combines several types of pools with different price calculation formulas that are most suitable for each specific token pair. Anyone can earn a reward (money) from swap fees (currently 0.3% of the swap amount). Learn more here

DeFi Leveraged Asset Trading: You can observe the volatility of the underlying crypto asset in real-time and make fast decisions about which of the “UP” or “DOWN” positions to use for your trading purposes. Learn more

Lease your Waves to Nodes on the Network: This is one of the most non-technical ways to start earning on Waves ecosystem. In this case, you need to lease your Waves holdings to an existing node. This can be easily done on all Waves wallets | See complete staking guide

Run your own node: As we discussed earlier, a node validates, logs transactions on the blockchain network and earns money from the fee users pay to transact on the network. Running Waves node doesn’t require huge power like in Bitcoin blockchain. See complete guides to set up your own node below:
If you face any issue, feel free to ask questions here (24/7 support available)

Trade on This requires skills of buying and selling crypto on decentralized platform. Exchange supports trading multiple assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XMR, BSV, Waves, USDT, USDN, and other popular cryptos. You can use on web, desktop or your mobile (Android and iOS)

Passive Income: Stable coin staking: You can stake stable coins such as USD, EUR, NGN, USDT, GBP, JPY, UAH, CNY, BRL and TRY on Waes and earn interest paid out daily. Staking is possible on all Waves wallets (desktop, web and mobile)

You need some tools to help you
Waves ecosystem offers pretty good tools that help you manage your trading and investing efficiently, some tools are official and others are a community built.

WavesNotifyBot: This bot allows you to get notifications on up to 3 Waves wallets (FREE Plan). It helps you track any activity on Waves address. It tracks the total balance of an address and the total value in BTC, EUR, USD. Use bot This is more like the CMC of the Waves ecosystem. It lets you track Nodes, information about tokens on (price, 24 hours change, trade volume, market cap, stake ratio of staked assets). Goto

Pywaves: This tool lets you track metrics on Waves blockchain including APYs for staking investments, Waves nodes, transactions on Waves, ROI and many others. Check out Pywaves.

Blackbot: BlackBot is a Python bot implementing a grid trading strategy. It can work with any assets pair on the Waves DEX. See free source code

I hope this article helps you quickly get on track with exploring opportunities on Waves.

Disclaimer: This article is aimed at helping you explore opportunities, it is not meant to serve as a trading or financial advice. Kindly note that you are completely responsible for your trading decisions.

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