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Quickly Explore Waves Protocol

Henry Chukwuka
Founder at Quru Lab & Muna
・2 min read

Users and developers do not find it easy moving to a new blockchain due to the amount time it will cost them to familiarize themselves with the new platform, community and this is as a result of the continuous expansion of blockchain platforms.

I was introduced to Waves in 2018 and I faced a similar issue. This issue isn’t in any way a weakness for the platform, neither does it make it less efficient, its even a problem that arises when as a platform gets bigger. The ecosystem was so broad. It required me to learn and unlearn several things, this is so because every blockchain had their own way of doing everything. Loads of tools, daily news/updates, continuous Waves nodes releases, bounties, new concepts, new products, patches and several more.

Basically, these are entrance barriers which I will share solutions that make it easy for anyone to get started on Waves immediately. Aside from these entrance barriers, there are some amazing features of Waves blockchain why anyone should consider building on it and using Waves based products;

  • Waves is open source with its node running on Go and Scala
  • Transactions are confirmed quickly on the blockchain
  • A dedicated community for development support
  • Robust API and libraries for Php, Javascript, Rust, Java, Python and many others.
  • Versatile transaction types to let anyone implement several kinds of idea

Even to this day, Waves is still getting bigger. Often, it’s not easy to keep up with these trends in crypto, blockchain and even software development generally.
Lets Talk About Waves Protocol?
Waves like Ethereum is a blockchain for building decentralized applications but with faster transaction confirmation time and easy to use blockchain tools and products. It is secure, that means it does not allow any third party to independently make changes to it.
The vision put forth by Sasha Ivanov (Waves founder) is to create a platform that makes blockchain easy to use and build on. Waves Protocol is very focused on making things easy for those who build (developers) and those built for (users).

Besides this, when we use Waves for building decentralized applications (dApp), these apps never get switched off or shut down, it runs on a self-operating computer program (smart contract) hosted on the Waves decentralized network. Impossible censorship is great features that make builders choose Waves over other blockchains.

How to Navigate the Waves Protocol Easily
I assume they are majorly three (3) categories on users who come to Waves platform or any blockchain platforms, and this determines in which product, tools on the platform they have interest for. User categories;

  • Developers
  • Traders and Investors
  • Project owners and entrepreneurs

This is the 1/4 part of this article series and coming next, I will share detailed guide on how to explore Waves protocol quickly for all category of users.
Stay tuned.

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